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Over 8 million tonnes per year (and growing) of plastic ends up in our oceans or is sent to landfill each year. That's over 22,000 tonnes per day.

Research shows that by the year 2050, the ocean will contain as much plastic as fish (by weight). That's an alarming and disturbing statistic that means if we don't do something to change this now, our marine environment and food chain is doomed to extinction.

We've never considered ourselves activists or conservationists. Just a group of young, motivated people concerned about the health of our planet - and not having something beautiful and natural to pass on to our kids for generations to come.

We wanted to take action on Single Use Plastic and join the fight on its spread throughout everyday life. It's costly, unnecessary and dangerous when you consider how we dispose of it. Every bottle we make and sell saves up to 170 single use bottles each year. If just 1% of the world switches to reusable bottles, we have the potential to save 13.6 BILLION bottles from being produced and disposed of as rubbish.

When you purchase a Stil product, not only are you helping to eliminate Single-use plastic by investing in Eco Friendly reusables, but 10% of our sales are donated to our Ocean Conservation partners, who go on to do amazing work in the areas of:

  • Ocean Cleanup Technology

  • Direct Action Conservation

  • Marine Habitat Conservation

  • Waste and Pollution Education






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