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Why Stil?

The name Stil means many different things to us - it's Nordic for Style, and Quiet, Calm or Restful in Dutch. In English it's a variation of Still - meaning Quiet, Restful, At Peace or can also mean "Yet" - like something is still in process. We embody all of these meanings just like the ocean. We aim for peace, for a clean, calm marine environment where life flourishes and we can live in balance and harmony. Yet we know in today's convenience environment generating millions of tonnes of plastic waste, this is a huge task. We know changing this for the future is a mammoth task - but we're Stil motivated, Stil engaged and Stil committed to delivering positive change. We aim to create beautiful, functional products that give back to the environment and community. We want our business to help fund other initiatives, educate others and leave a positive legacy and impact on our marine ecosystem.

What material are Stil bottles made from?

Our bottles are made from high quality 18/8 Stainless Steel which makes them durable, long lasting and prevents things like rust and corrosion. Our double wall technology insulates your beverage inside the bottle, allowing it to stay piping hot for 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.

Can I use my bottle for tea and coffee?

Of course! Use it for any beverage you like. Just remember to wash it afterwards with hot, soapy water.

Can I put my bottle in the dishwasher?

Unfortunately not - our Stainless steel bottles aren't dishwasher friendly. But they are easy to wash - use hot, soapy water, then rinse and allow to dry. We recommend you do this a couple of times a week to keep your bottle fresh.

Where can I buy Stil bottles?

You can currently buy our products online via our Shop (www.bestil.co) or on Amazon.





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